Room Booking

Check availability online

Our online room booking system shows up-to-date availability of the spaces and you can provisionally book online. If the shading for the room and date you want is green it indicates an available space. Orange means there is a booking in one of the rooms for all / part of the day and red is fully booked. Time slots are per 30 minutes.

We will automatically add on a buffer of 30 minutes either side of the booking to allow for a change over with other users. If you need more time than this then we ask that you add this to your booking request.

You will need to create a login if you wish to book a room. This helps us to manage your contact information and also allows you to review and manage your booking. If you need assistance, please try the Booking system user guide (external site).


Our spaces for hire

More information about each of the rooms can be found here.


What happens next

We will check your booking and we will send you confirmation via email and an invoice that you can also pay online. 


The online booking system we use is called Hallmaster, a UK based system.