Background to the project

In the 1970’s the local community used a small meeting room attached to Christ Church in Ashton for meetings and social events. As we entered the 20th century the building was no longer in the condition, or the size it needed to be to cater for the Ashton community. The central location made it an ideal location to develop a community focussed building that could be used by all groups to provide services to the people who live nearby and in 2002 an independent charity was established to develop this facility.

The team, with representatives from a variety of backgrounds agreed that a modern, spacious and sustainable building should be developed. The 4C centre offers Ashton one of the very few community buildings in the country that balances environmental ethics of energy efficiency, recycling and sustainability with the needs of local groups for a welcoming, affordable space in which they can meet and work and in 2012 building started onsite with the support of our major funders Big Lottery Fund and Social Investment Business as well as funding from generous individuals and a number of trusts and donors.

We kicked off the project with an event on site with over 150 children from our 3 local primary schools to form the outline of the building back in 2007 (yes really!). The centre today can be seen today from Taunton Road in Ashton, with its grass roof, solar panels, secure parking and easy access to all of Ashton transport links providing offer social space, meeting rooms, café and a hall that can hold up to 150 people - we want those young people to be our VIPs at the opening.

That's where you come in. The centre is very nearly open, and the team of volunteers for the Not for Profit charity behind the project are working hard to open the doors for the local community. We’ve been promised the final funding needed to finish off this fabulous building if we can raise £50,000.

As 4C Ashton is a community centre we want to raise this funding through involving local communities in what we are doing, and making sure that everyone who supports us benefits from the centre when it opens.

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