Help us reach our goal to open 4C for summer!

£825.00 raised
GOAL: £50,000.00

Why do we need you?

We’ve already had some very generous benefactors who have given their time and money to get us to where we are, a super green community building that’s nearly complete. We now need to finish the inside of the centre and we’ve been pledged an amazing £150,000 towards our target but as a community we need to raise a further £50,000 to match it before we can open this summer.


What's in it for you?

4C Ashton is already a great eco-friendly building and so close to being finished, but we need open it to do what it was always intended to do. If we are successful, not only will you be able to pop in for a brew and a chat in our cafe, there will be meeting rooms for all sorts of local groups and a fantastic hall for events, parties and clubs to make use of. 4C will enable people from across our community to come together in a fantastic space, right at the heart of Ashton.

Your support means everything to us and we would be so grateful if you are able to pledge towards our idea, and in return for your contribution, you will get a reward which you can see in the panel on the right.

With rewards for every pledge ranging from £5 up to £25k we hope there's a something for everyone. If there's nothing there that quite takes your fancy, then they would also make excellent gifts for someone else.

Finally, if you just can't stretch to contributing, then you can still give us a helping hand by sharing our project to anyone and everyone! Use our social media channels, or talk to your friends, family and colleagues in the good old fashioned way to help spread the word.

Thank you ever SO much!

The 4C Ashton team


What will the money be used for?

The money from our major funders and donors to date has all be used to build the centre. We have been pledged a further £150,000 that will pay for the interior of 4C to be completed - the hall, toilets, wiring, lighting, plumbing - all the essentials.

Your pledges will help us to kit out and furnish the space - we've a whole shopping list of things we need. From chairs, tables, cutlery, hand dryers, IT kit, cafe equipment... By pledging your support we will be able to open the centre for the benefit of the whole community.

Who's donating